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Our Facility

Everyone is welcome to visit and use the library during our open hours for any purpose that is compatible with regular library service.  We are have comfortable chairs for conversation or study, tables for individual or group work, laptop carrels, play spaces, and more.  Residents and visitors are always welcome in the building and it is handicap accessible.  There are public computer stations, laptops that can be used in the building, a copy machine that will scan to email and Wi-Fi is available inside and on the library grounds.

Other services:

  • Solar Phone Charger
  • Full Spectrum Light Stations for Treating S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

These spaces are also available:

Study Room:  This small space has a door and can accommodate up to four people at a table.
Community Room: This room may be reserved for meetings, gatherings or workshops. Please call the library and ask for Karen Eger if you wish to use a room.  Use of a Town of South Berwick facility after hours is subject to restrictions including proof of insurance to cover an event, and the cost and availability of town employees to staff the building during the event.