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Video Editing Space: Guidelines for use

 Video-Editing Space at the Public Computer Stations

  • Computer time for video-editing projects is 2 hours

  • Time slots for video-editing and animation may be reserved ahead by people age 14 & up, anyone younger may use the service on a first come first served basis.

  • Use of these services must comply with the South Berwick Public Library Internet Use Policy

  • The IMacs have no DVD/CD drive so digital work must be downloaded via a flash drive device

  • Video-editing sessions end 30 minutes before the Library closes

  • Video projects may be stored on an open external hard drive for up to 2 months or a flash drive may be purchased at cost ($7.99) from the library.  There can be no expectation of privacy for work stored on library hardware and the library is not responsible for its security in any way.

  • Please sign in at the Main Desk for computer time and to pick up the wireless keyboard and mouse