Looking for a craft project?

Paper Flowers

Just imagine when this is over how much we’re all going to want to celebrate together! Since spring is here and flowers are such a great way to celebrate just about anything, here’s something we can do together (apart) to prepare for a Post-Separation Celebration at the library.

Make some paper flowers (though NOT with your precious TP!), and set aside a bag of your favorites.   As soon as we get the “all-clear”, bring them to the library.  We’ll ask some volunteers to help turn them into swags and bouquets and make this space a beautiful reflection of everyone’s happiness and best wishes for each other!

One more thing – please email a photo of your family making the flowers,we’d like to include them in the display – just send photos  to sbpl@southberwicklibrary.org

Here are the YouTube tutorials used to make the flowers pictured above.  Large flowers: https://www.youtube.com/watchv=eXwHHDPg_I0&t=59s        and small flowers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SejtYvy7TGY

These are all made with gift tissue paper (don’t worry if all you have is white, and it would be helpful if you attach a wire or string to the back of each flower).  There are a lot of paper flower tutorials online, using all kinds of paper for a variety of skill levels – check them out!

Keep calm and bloom!