The Imagine Weathervane on top of the Library

The Friends group waited for good weather so the Limerick Steeplejacks could figuratively put the cherry on top of the South Berwick Public Library by installing a weathervane with our “Imagine” tagline as the figurehead.

This mirrors our logo (designed by Rachel Schumacher) that shows an “Imagine” banner flying over the library and South Berwick.


Local artist Don Felix designed and built the weathervane.  Resident Peary Goodwin suggested years ago that a sign on the steeple that could be seen from downtown would be good and Kristine at Signs by Mo built another sign for us to hang up high.  The Catholic Diocese had long ago removed the cross that once was on top of the steeple.

The Friends spent out the last of the money donated and dedicated to the Library Building Campaign, and closed out that line for good.

We can’t imagine a more beautiful and elegant space for our community’s library.