Libraries Rock! Summer Mystery Puzzle

Mystery in the South Berwick Library…

Clue #1
Library Staff has installed hidden mystery puzzle that is at the Library as part of our Libraries Rock! summer theme.

Puzzle Rules
Staff will answer yes or no questions only.

The first person to give a staff member the complete information about the Libraries Rock! mystery puzzle will receive a gift certificate to River Run Bookstore in Portsmouth.

Mystery Puzzle Background
The library staff collaboratively imagined this element of the 2018 summer reading theme and installed it at the Library in early June. The staff have chosen dates for when they thought the puzzle would be solved and a gift certificate to Nature’s Way goes to the staff person who guessed closest to the date that the first visitor would approach us and tell us what they noticed.

The last week in July, Friends of the Library on our email list were given the first shot at the puzzle and it was solved that afternoon but the winner wanted to keep the game going for others.

As of August 6th, five people have solved the puzzle! Can you?