ReadME Maine Humanities Council Statewide Summer Read


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Chosen by Maine writer Paul Doiron for the 

2018 Maine Humanities ReadME summer program


Maine Calling August 22 1:00-2:00 pm 

Maine Public Radio’s Jennifer Rooks will do a live call-in book discussion on these titles


Nonfiction Selection:

Settled in the Wild by Susan Shetterly

“Voices like Susan Hand Shetterly’s are soothing . . . Shetterly puts a hand on your forearm and says, come walk along the Maine coast. Let’s consider other species, eels and hummingbirds.” — Los Angeles Times

(Dallas Morning News)

“Shetterly shares her journey of hope, loss and discovery. Along the way, she is transformed by the calls of birds and the ‘delicate pins-and-needles sounds’ of ice crystals, by the aroma of rich soil, by the challenges and gifts of an unforgiving nature.” —Dallas Morning News

(Boston Globe)

“Shetterly provides a unique window into a world of wonder.” –Boston Globe

(Columbus Dispatch)

This is a delightful book about living in the woods, enjoying what’s outside your window and finding pleasure in taking the time to notice the little things right in front of us.” —Columbus Dispatch

Fiction Selection                            

River Talk

River Talk by C. B. Anderson


An uncommonly clearsighted collection of short fiction.  
Though journalist Anderson is a first-time author, her sensitive and startlingly perceptive debut proves she’s on her way to being a master… [Her] gifts of attention and emotional precision are on shining display…  A triumphant, probing debut that promises both literary and mass appeal.
Kirkus Review (Starred)

“A stellar, fully realized collection of stories. River Talk is grounded, wonderfully, in the river valleys of Western Maine but Anderson knows her diverse collection of characters just as intimately – their desires, their secrets – and you come away not only understanding a place but the soul of its people.”
–Peter Orner, award-winning author of Last Car Over the Sagamore Bridge and five other books

“I adored these stories, every one of which engaged my mind and my heart. Anderson writes with wisdom, generosity, and beauty about people we don’t see often enough in contemporary literature. She gives us minimum-wage strivers, doing their best and sometimes their worst, and asks us to see them, hear them, walk with them for a while. Anderson is a marvelous writer, but her best gift is simple and rare: empathy.”
–Monica Wood, best-selling author of When We Were the Kennedys and six other books