South Berwick’s Linda Becker

 Wednesday   September 27   6:30 pm  


“Cobwebs and Glitter” is a random collection of story poems based on the experiences of a young country girl who recalls them with all the details stored up and happily brought back to life when she returned to her childhood village of South Berwick, Maine. These are yesteryear tales experienced in their simplest, most modest form…some heart-warming, a few embarrassing, others humorous. All are illuminated (and some                                                                                                        even illustrated) with fondness.

The author lived in South Berwick as a child, and still has many clear memories of those 10 formative years of her life. She returned 20 years later in 1980 as an adut, with her husband Rick and three young daughters, and the family made a historical building on Main St. into their beloved homestead. As she approached her 70th birthday, she realized she wanted to document some of those past experiences and honor them with a publication. Now that milestone has passed, and her goal has been accomplished! An added coincidental bonus for her has been the opportunity to work toward a new goal: dedicating all of the proceeds from her memoir to support the Bridge Brigade, an exciting community effort to build a covered bridge to replace the Vine Street bridge which has been closed for several years. She is hopeful that other South Berwick citizens, and all readers both young and old who open the pages of “Cobwebs & Glitter”, will recognize and share in the celebration of life’s small, everyday stories. They are the shining threads which weave the fabric of our lives.