The Psychology of Money ~Wednesday September 13 7:00 pm

What’s Your Personal Relationship with Money and How Does it Affect How You Use it?

Join Dr. Robin Barstow, clinical social worker, who has discovered that a great many people have never wondered about their personal understanding and relationship with money.  So, they do not know their thoughts about money and how they may be affecting their actions with money. Money has extraordinary power over our minds.

We invest in it the promise of so many things that we value.  If we are to understand ourselves, and how money helps us to create the things we need and want, then we benefit by talking about it.  Simple memories of what one learned as a child can be a gentle and fascinating place to begin.

As a clinical social worker Dr. Robin Barstow uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in her work.  The premise of CBT is that our thoughts affect our actions.

Please join in the dialogue with us.

Dr. Robin Barstow is a clinical social worker at Maine Behavioral Healthcare.  She earned her BA from Sarah Lawrence College, her MS in anthropology from Columbia University, her PhD in biology at Yale University, and her MSW from University of Maine.