Build a Better World….You Can Help Us


Build a Better World is the Summer Reading Program theme for 2017 and we are ready to engage the community in creating!

We are looking for craft materials of all kinds that will fit in gallon-sized plastic bags.  We are making “Maker Mix” bags for prizes for summer reading kids.  Materials can be anything: paper, cloth, wood, metal, the more colorful the better.


Do you have bits and pieces of crafting items that you no longer need?  We will be happy to put them to use( and the kids to building and creating) this summer.  Please bring items to the library when we are open.  We ask that all materials  be in clean new condition.


Examples of items that are welcome:  pom poms, springs, odd bits of hardware, fabric, buttons, cardboard tubes, googly eyes, wooden cut outs, old keys and wire.