Adult Book Discussion~Molly Spotted Elk: a Penobscot in Paris

Wednesday September 6th  at 7:00 pm

“”Molly Spotted Elk: a Penobscot in Paris”  by Bunny MacBride



Library Journal review

“From 1494 on, Native Americans have held a niche in show business while facing special trials. Here, journalist/ anthropologist McBride empathetically reconstructs the life of famed “Indian entertainer” Molly Spotted Elk, using the rare first-hand source of the dancer’s own diaries. “Being appreciated on stage did not translate into being appreciated as a friend,” writes McBride of the predicament facing Spotted Elk, an independent, ambitious artist whose life was filled with success, illness, and tragedy, including  a harrowing forced exit from German-occupied France.  J. Sterling Morton H.S., Berwyn, Ill.

Wednesday October 4th at 7:00 pm

Being Mortal: illness, medicine, and what matters in the end

by Atul Gawande  


Being Mortal, Atul Gawande’s masterful exploration of aging, death, and the medical profession’s mishandling of both, is his best and most personal book yet.” ―Boston Globe

“American medicine, Being Mortal reminds us, has prepared itself for life but not for death. This is Atul Gawande’s most powerful–and moving–book.” ―Malcolm Gladwell

“Beautifully crafted . . . Being Mortal is a clear-eyed, informative exploration of what growing old means in the 21st century . . . a book I cannot recommend highly enough. This should be mandatory reading for every American. . . . it provides a useful roadmap of what we can and should be doing to make the last years of life meaningful.” ―Time.com

We are departing slightly from alternating fiction and nonfiction this fall in order to partner with other organizations and programming.  Two nonfiction in a row and then two fiction to finish out the year.

The South Berwick Public Library Book Group meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. to discuss a title.  Selections alternate between fiction and nonfiction and copies are available at the desk.